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Invest In You


2016 is the year of investing in myself. As a self-proclaimed financial tightwad, I definitely err on the side of saving instead of spending. Most times that is a good thing! But my husband and I decided this is the year to invest in ourselves.

When our third child was born, one thing I couldn’t quite get a handle on was the cooking. So, we ate out, far more than I care to admit! But when I began to consider the investment vs. the convenience, I saw what a wasted one this was. The time, the money, the health….it became obvious this wasn’t a wise move.

Investors like to see growth and benefit from their investments. If it doesn’t grow, it was a waste, a bad investment. No one likes waste! I’m taking extra measures to stop investing in dead-end, time-sucking, money pits and start making smart, lucrative, educated investments to better myself and my family.

Consider this. If LeBron James didn’t invest time and money into becoming a better athlete, all the jersey-wearing and shoe-buying in the world wouldn’t make him a better basketball player.

He invested in the unseen so that when the time came, the return on that investment was very visible.

purposeinpageantryYou might think ‘what do investments have to do with pageantry?’ Everything!

Because anywhere you spend your time and money is your investment.

When it comes to pageantry, it can be soooo easy to let your time and money investments get out of control. Here are a few steps to ensure you are on the way to smarter decisions:

  1. Make a budget and timeline. If you don’t, it is easy for your expenses and time-consuming preparations to balloon out of control. Everyone operates better under a limit. Set yours accordingly.
  2. Identify your weaknesses and invest there. Is your talent superb? Then it probably doesn’t make a lot of sense to continue throwing time and money for pageant purposes where you already excel. Your greatest investment opportunities are in your weakest areas of competition.
  3. Seek professional assistance when available. Professional = expensive, right? It doesn’t have to be! Again, when you know your weaknesses, you can intentionally use your time and money in the area of greatest potential return on that investment.

Contestants tend to shy away from investing in areas that are “unseen.” They put their money where they can see it – the gown, the hair, the skin, the teeth, the costumes, the shoes, the jewelry….

But to neglect investing in the unseen, the preparation, is the biggest mistake a contestant can make! Your onstage competition and wardrobe are useful for mere minutes. The skills gleaned from pageantry, if done right, will last a lifetime.

So will you join me? Will you make this the year of smart investments? Your efforts are all in vain if you don’t. Let’s make it happen together! Now please excuse me, I am going to go invest in some shut eye 😉


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