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a24a49b6ccf95a7286e54ad6f2ca26fbPurpose. Whew, what a loaded word! I have struggled with that my entire life. At times, feeling like I hadn’t found it or missed it somewhere…but then a truth popped up when I was trying to find a meaning for this whole thing I am doing.

Purpose can be found in anything you identify and pursue.

That’s it. You can find purpose in your work place. At the gym. Walking the dog – the key is to identify it. When it all came down to brass tacks and what not, the main thing I wanted to bring to the table was purpose. Providing useful content to help others find purpose in their lives – and I just so happen to do it through unconventional, less expected ways.

I believe God has purposed each person to do His work in unique ways for a unique reason.

Whether or not we choose to follow His path is up to us.

purposeinpageantryI knew I wanted to start this journey. Over the years, all of my unique gifts and talents came to meet in this one area of my life, which also happens to intersect with something I really enjoy and love. But I kept getting hung up on the “why?” WHY was this different than the other pageant communities, tips, tricks, resources, you-name-its that already exist? What do I really have to bring to the table that is different and worthy of others’ time? What if I fail. What. If. I. Fail.

This surely isn’t an all-encompassing list, but here are a few things I hope to bring to the proverbial “pageant table.” I want to inspire you to achieve greatness. Show you there is more to pageantry than meets the eye. Help you find a meaning behind your platform for the greater good. Inspire you to embrace your role in pageantry, whatever that is. And encourage you to have fun finding your purpose along the way.

Pageantry gets a bad rap, and sometimes rightfully so. Sometimes my posts will be challenging and controversial. I hope they enlighten you to a whole new side of pageantry, beyond the dresses and stage and performance of it all. To the purpose – YOUR purpose – for which God has made you and placed you for such a time as this.


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