9.7.16 Prelims & Points

All Photo Credits: MAO Facebook

Woah. Just – woah. I don’t think there is a single person out there who saw those preliminary wins coming together. That’s the crazy thing about pageants!

ICYMI: Swimsuit went to DC. Talent went to Tennessee.

14242321_10154644459312573_5971151404101945532_oI think the collective pageant world expected Georgia or South Carolina to take swimsuit. Iowa was in DC’s shoes last year – coming out of nowhere to take preliminary swimsuit from those “sure bets.” When it came down to it, the judges LOVED Taylor’s confidence and sass (don’t forget that first S! HAHA) – and although I wasn’t there, I would guess the same thing happened again tonight! Congrats to DC, she definitely catches your eye in photos, and she showed up big time! Time will tell us if it will be enough to get into the top 15.

Talent. Whew. There’s just really no way to slice and dice this one as anything but a bit of a head scratcher. After I heard a FB live video of her performance, in the interest of complete honesty, I did not think it was even a middle-of-the-pack type of performance, and that really sucks to say. Now I’m the mean girl! AH!

But if you follow me at all, it’s probably because you don’t want sugar-coated commentary ūüôā Sometimes, it just ain’t¬†good, and I’m sad that I didn’t love this performance.

14289970_10154644459322573_2444704126858365017_oIf you follow my FB page, I posted a video of the performance so you can check it out for yourself.¬†I know I am more critical of singers, being a vocalist and all. But I didn’t think the song choice lent itself to entertainment value points. I also thought the video highlighted pitch problems, which is never fun as a vocalist! And her range in the song was very limited.¬†I find it very hard to believe that Oklahoma, Iowa, New Hampshire, Mississippi, and Ohio didn’t outscore that performance- but the points¬†don’t lie!

Speaking of points¬†– I’d like to address the final ballot. Beginning sometime around the mid 2000’s, we saw a new Final Ballot in play, which in essence meant your points had to get you into the Top Five, and then the judges each rank you based on who they think should win, and that’s how you got the winner. Last year, they scrapped it. I have gone back and forth a zillion times with how well I liked it. On one hand, if you earned the most points, you should win. On the other hand, we were seeing interview and talent powerhouses winning over girls who were maybe a bit more well-rounded. I like the idea of judging each category fairly, knowing they can rank the girls at the end. Without the final ballot, the fear is that judges will “throw” points at girls they want to win, even if they don’t really earn them in a certain category. So we know Betty won on points alone – but would she have if the final ballot were in play? Did they throw points at her during her onstage answer, which wasn’t the greatest, because they wanted her to win? I’d love to hear other opinions/insights into the final ballot! ¬†Sometimes it’s nice to know that your points alone really did earn you the crown – and other times, it’s wonderful to know the judges voted in your favor as the best overall candidate for the job.

But I’m guessing a whole lotta folks in Tennessee could care less right now what I do and don’t think, though, and rightfully so – ¬†they¬†should be ecstatic, Grace and Cierra should be flying high having won their respective awards, and tomorrow is a new day with new competition!

In the meantime…we have some more predictions to make! So on to Wednesday prelim picks….if I dare!


I see Illinois, Washington, Maryland, Kansas, Florida, and Kentucky being the heavy hitters for swimsuit. This is a tough one to narrow down and now I’m doubting myself! AH! Ok, let’s go eenie, meenie, minee….Maryland. HA! But seriously, Maryland, Kansas, and Florida would be my top three.


Another hard one. My picks? Texas, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana – in that order. People are comparing Texas to Diana Reed, and while NOBODY touches Diana on that Miss America stage ūüėČ – I’d love to see someone come close! (Disclaimer, Diana may or may not be but totally is one of my best friends. But nevertheless, she’s an extreme talent.)

I said yesterday that things get dicier – well let’s hope I was as wrong about that as I was about the preliminary picks!

Pay attention to the interwebs tomorrow night to see how it shakes down, and don’t forget to follow @MYMPageant for LIVE tweets during finals night. See you back here tomorrow with results and new picks for Thursday!


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