Prelims & …Parasites?!

All photo credits: MAO Facebook Page

Hey there! Miss me? I decided since there weren’t any predictions to get out last night, I’d take a much-needed break and rest up. I finally found out what has been plaguing me for the past 10 days. Guys, I have a parasite! How gross is that?! Ugh, makes me feel so icky – but at least I have a reason now for why I’ve been so sick. And I truly appreciate your prayers for a speedy recovery: I’ve been teetering on the brink of dehydration, lost nine pounds (and not the good kind, lol!), and am just overall exhausted and unwell. Yuck. Doesn’t this little pest know I have work to do?!

It’s Miss America Weekend, afterall!

So enough about parasites. Let’s talk last nights prelims.

14241593_10154650491462573_4628498897828996840_oWhile I am not totally surprised here, I did miss swimsuit last night. In all honesty, I kind of forgot about Ohio – oops! I had high hopes for her this week, and felt she kind of just faded into the background. Well, did she prove ME wrong! While there were a few strong swimsuit presentations last night, she definitely hit the stage ready to roll, and she looked fabulous. Alice, consider me official back on-board 😉 PS, how cool would it be if Miss America “Betty” crowned Miss America “Alice”?! Those are some solid old-school names right there!

Finally, FINALLY, I get a talent pick right! Tennessee and Arkansas were not even vaguely on my radar, so it was nice to see that I, and the rest of the predictor world, at least saw Michigan coming! It sounds like Kentucky was another favorite, and that talent was maybe a bit weak overall last night. I was able to find a great video of Michigan’s performance, and it was spectacular! (I would post or link here, but it has since been set to private. Sad.) Her showmanship was awesome, the song was challenging yet entertaining – a great example that you don’t have to play a pop song on piano to be relevant.

14249919_10154650491477573_8927352386129831818_oI guess when it comes down to it, I’m always a sucker for a classical talent. It doesn’t mean it has to be a classical SONG per se, but by classical talent, I mean classically trained. Whether it is vocal, instrumental, dance, twirling, etc. – have you been trained in your craft, and put obvious amounts of time into your craft? Working up one good song to play for a pageant is fine – but I will always, ALWAYS award more points to the girls who you can tell have worked their butts off to present a talent that has taken years to hone. It’s the “you could play the ABC’s on piano and still sound amazing” mentality. The talent, the work, the gift – it’s all there, and I think dedication should be rewarded. You can certainly still score very well without the above criteria! You just get a head start in my book if you have those things working in your favor 😉 Michigan is a terrific pianist, and I am so glad she was rewarded for it. Bravo!

I don’t think I’ve ever done this poorly at predicting prelims, but again, I know I’m not the only one! We are all in the same frustrating boat, lol! But that means this really is anyone’s game, and we may see a very unexpected Top 15. How fun is that?!

I will be posting my Top 15 predictions before Sunday night, and hope to see some of yours as well! When I post mine, I won’t just give a list, but some insights and thoughts into how I think each one will fair in the competition. Until then – have a great weekend, enjoy the Show Your Shoes parade, and….I dunno, maybe DON’T get a parasite?

Pay attention to the interwebs tomorrow night to see how it shakes down, and don’t forget to follow @MYMPageant for LIVE tweets during finals night. See you back here tomorrow with results!


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