And Then There Were Two…Er, Three?!

Photo: MAO Facebook

Well the big day is almost here. I am certain there is one young woman reflecting on the year she’s had, very ready but a bit sad for this journey to be over. And 52 excited, nervous young women – knowing in reality the possibility is small, the chances are slim, but for now, there is still that very real idea that each could be the next Miss America.

I sort of hate that moment when the last semi-finalist is announced, and the collective wind goes out of 37 sails – and the majority of Boardwalk Hall. To have your dream end with that one final name called, to know friends and family came to support you or are watching you on TV – it doesn’t matter how much of a “long shot” or “sure thing” you or others believed you would be, it sucks. Your Miss America moment is over.


Having attended four Miss America competitions in my day, I sit at an even 50/50 of feeling the excitement of my girl being named a semi-finalist, and the stomach drop of knowing how disappointed she must feel. Last year was pretty much the most amazing year ever, considering I was hard-core rooting for TWO ladies! Miss Colorado, Kelley Johnson, who I had the privilege of mentoring and preparing for two years, and who sparked the #JustANurse wildfire. And Miss Iowa, Taylor Wiebers, who won the ever-elusive title of Miss America double preliminary winner. Taylor made the top twelve while Kelley placed 2nd-runner-up. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to such an exciting night at Miss America!

Photo: MAO Facebook

I’d like to address one thing that I have a strong opinion about (shocking, right?!) – and that’s the ending of a pageant. I won’t beat around the bush here: there should be a final two left standing, the end. I get it that you want the first runner up to get her recognition. But otherwise, it’s just a silly move. What could be more exciting than standing there with one other person, knowing it’s either her, or you. Three’s a crowd, and I have never liked it. Some years, they have called Miss America out from any even larger number than that! Am I the only one who cares about this, or cares so strongly? Last year, we saw three girls left at the end – two hadn’t even made the top five, and one was the winner. What a letdown for those other two, right?! What do you think we will see this year? Let’s just hope they come to their senses and skip the top eight business. 🙂

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I guess we will find out in just about 30 hours! 🙂


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