We Be Packin’…

We’ve been hitting some heavier topics with lengthy blogs lately (I tend to be long-winded…shocked?! Me too…) I hope you’ve learned and been inspired by them! And if all goes according to plan, next week will be a doozey. But today I thought a lighter, shorter topic would be a nice change up 🙂

When you pack for a trip or pageant, you sometimes have multiple days and events for which you need to be ready. And if those events are more business or formal in nature, the last thing you want is to be stressed by disorganization or wasting mental energy contemplating what to wear. Dudes, can I get an AMEN? Maybe not…Let’s go on.


You’d never know it stepping foot into my house, but I THRIVE on organization. Lists, spreadsheets, and labeled boxes are my jam! So in the name of travel organization, here are my tried-and-true garment bag packing strategies:

  • Label Everything: If you will be sharing a room or space and don’t want to worry about things getting lost or mixed up, labels go a long way to help with that. Consider purchasing a cheap set of clear or white address labels, but include your name and phone number instead of address.
  • Make Note Cards: I have a totally healthy obsession with lists 🙂 But in this case, it is really helpful to sit down with all of the clothes/accessories you have, assign them to a day or event, then list all of the items for each day or event on an index card. We’ll come back to these in a bit 😉
  • Invest in Garment Bags: If you can find cheap garment bags, they work great for keeping individual outfits together. Clear ones let you see inside easily, matching ones help you keep yours separate from everyone else, and different colored ones can help you keep your days or events separated. Oh, the endless possibilities!
  •  Contain Accessories: You can also buy little bags (or if you are a Frugalista like me, use ZipLock baggies) to place your jewerly or accessories in the garment bag. In theory, every garment bag would contain one outfit (or one day’s worth of outfits), shoes, accessories, etc.
  • Put It All Together: Remember those index cards you just made? Attach each one to the outside of the corresponding garment bag for an easy way to remember what is (or what should be) inside each bag. The OCD in me geeks out on the idea of corresponding labels, bags, and cards…did I mention my obsession? Ok, good…
  • Reuse Pieces: I believe in packing light! If you can reuse pieces throughout your stay, that is a great way to cut down on luggage and chaos in general. Just be sure you note on your index cards which pieces will be reused and in what bag you can find them 😉
  • Sit Back and Enjoy: It takes some prep time, but just like anything, the more time you put in beforehand, the more you can focus on the important things during the trip or event. Being organized and on top of your game each day will set you up with a great mental attitude and a stress-free start to every day.

Are you an organization freak like me? What are your best practices when it comes to packing?


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