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Crowning Countdown!

Oh my goodness, I get back from spring break in Florida (where Miss Iowa 2007 and a best friend of mine was married!), and it’s like stuff is gettin’ real around here in pageantland!

Next month, the first state titleholder is crowned and headed to Miss America 2018; for the Iowa gals, we are a mere 100 DAYS to crowning. And word on the street is that Miss USA is in May. If that isn’t a reality check that gets you motivated, I don’t know what will!


MYM has a spring preparation checklist for you to follow these next few months. The key to success is preparation, Preparation, PREPARATION! You wouldn’t expect to hop off the couch and run a marathon – don’t falsely assume you can wait any longer to start making a marked difference in your competition.

By nature, there are certain things that you need to work on now, and other things that have to wait until the end to prepare. If you have orientation or judges’ items that are due, work on those things first.

  • HEADSHOTS: These are due well in advance of a competition as they are released on social media and to the judges. Get them scheduled and done asap.
  • PAPERWORK: This is also due well in advance so that judges have a chance to check it out prior to your interview. Paperwork and headshots are the judges’ first impression of you; glossing over these “unjudged” areas can be detrimental to your overall impression. It’s not too late for MYM to help – but you need to act FAST.
  • TALENT MUSIC: If you are using background music for your talent selection, the show producers will want this ahead of time to ensure it is under the allotted time limit and that it works properly in their system. You also can’t rehearse your talent without knowing what you are singing/dancing/playing to, so get this figured out asap – MYM has extensive experience in talent music selection!
  • FITNESS: Sculpting your body doesn’t happen overnight. I’ve tried, lol. But seriously, fitness and nutrition should be a focus every single day. So put down that donut,  drop, and give me twenty! 😉
  • COMPETITION WARDROBE: It can take awhile to shop around and order the items you want for competition. While you want to dress for the body shape you will have during competition, you also can’t afford to wait too long unless you buy something in-stock (totally an OK option!).
  • INTERVIEW: While it is good to have intermittent interview prep throughout the entire year, serious interview work should happen about two months out. If you start intense preparation too early, you get bored and can actually slack off too much close to competition time. Two months is a good amount of time to up-end bad habits, develop good habits, get a good grasp on current events, and ensure your answers aren’t canned or stale from over-preparation. MYM has mastered the interview prep process – but times are limited so let’s get you scheduled SOON!
  • TALENT:  While you should be employing year-round improvements in talent technique, you will want to start focusing in on your specific talent selection a couple months out. Again, if you start too soon, you can get bored or stale. Keep yourself limber by dancing, singing, playing every day. Then once your talent selection is finalized, you can apply all of that year-round hard work to the technique, strength, entertainment value, and staging of your specific performance. MYM provides vocal coaching or staging/choreography ideas if you need help in those areas!
  • FINAL TOUCHES: Do you have tanning, hair, and nail appointments scheduled? What about your appearance wardrobe for the times you aren’t competing? Are there dances or routines you need to learn before you go? What about final fittings, shoes, jewelry selections? Daily talent, interview, and workout sessions? There are a lot of little details that add up at the end! By ensuring you have done the work that can be done in advance, you will free yourself up from stress and becoming overwhelmed by trying to squeeze it all in at the end.

The bottom line is, you can’t re-invent yourself in a few weeks. It takes weeks and months of hard work to see steady improvements. Make your goals, prioritize what needs to happen NOW, and set an agenda for what needs to happen every single week.

I’m getting pretty excited  with MYM clients – and I know they will all be ready and prepared to take their respective stage by storm 😉


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