March Madness Spring Sale


It’s always a lot of basketball. So. Much. Basketball!

Last year I rode a 19-game winning streak that I was pretty darn proud of that, even after the #2 Michigan State debacle, landed me in the top .004% and ranked #451 out of 10 million+ ESPN brackets! Having chosen Michigan State to win it all, that ranking fell pretty quickly – but it was sure fun while it lasted, and not likely something I’ll ever see again. This year, I got a little upset-happy; I guess I tend to root for the underdog. But I digress… You probably didn’t come here for my March Madness NCAA bragging rights, lol!

In the middle of all of the March Madness chaos, I decided it would be a great time to release the MYM March Madness Spring Sale!

The Details:

  • bogo-flyerWith any paid service, you will receive ONE FREE HOUR SESSION to be used as you like, when you like. Examples include, but are not limited to, interview prep, branding consultation, vocal lesson, talent staging, boy talk  **although I do that for free 😉 **  I promise, I’ll never offer to guide you in an area I lack experience or knowledge!
  • The sky’s the limit on how many services you want to purchase – each item invoiced receives one free hour session.
  • As always, paid services and promotions never expire.
  • Offer ends on April 1, 2017 – and that’s no joke! (Get it? My humor is amazing, right?!)

Basically, pay for any service with MYM now through March 31, and you get one free hour on me. How’s that for Madness?

Oh, and Go Gonzaga!! – they are my only hope for a stellar bracket at this point 😉


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