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Hey hey! In case you haven’t heard…



That’s right – I’m super excited to be able to go back to Atlantic City and enjoy the history, the excitement, the views, and the, well, pageantry of Miss America. I’ve been several times before, but this is only the second time I have ever attended preliminary competitions, and the first time I’ve been able to do so in A.C. I’ll be in on all the action starting Thursday, and you can follow along on the MYM Facebook Page. There will be blog posts, recaps, photos, and Facebook Live videos on the Boardwalk for you to enjoy as I bring you all along on our Miss America 2018 adventure!

Now, I also thought it would be selfish to go to Atlantic City without offering the opportunity for you to receive the most well-rounded, focused pageant prep on the planet.

So that’s why I’m opening up MISS AMERICA MINI SESSION with MYM. In this super-focused and individualized session, you’ll get any/all of the following that you choose:

  • Platform Development: discover specific strategies to grow your platform and give it direction while uncovering the passion behind your platform.
  • Paperwork Targeting: add punch to your paperwork and ensure the judges’ first look at you is memorable and error-free.
  • Branding Strategies: define what sets you apart from the other contestants and ways to leverage that in your competition.
  • Interview Expertise: gain personalized insight into your strengths and weaknesses in interview and get proven exercises for controlling your interview ONLY found at MYM.
  • Talent Music: review talent music choices and fine-tune entertainment value and technical ability.
  • Stage Presence: get quick and effective tips to improve stage presence and movement.

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And here is where I feel like Billy Mays when I say “But wait! There’s more!” When you sign up for, pay for, and attend a session in Atlantic City, you will receive a bonus ONE HOUR VIDEO SESSION that can be used anytime in 2017, AND I will review your paperwork again FOR FREE when you make changes after the session in Atlantic City. And if that isn’t enough, you will also be given printouts of our MYM Interview Tips and our exclusive Personal Inventory/Interview Questions document in your session.

So if you are me, you are thinking, “Ok, but what does this thing cost me?” I’m a frugalista, remember? I got your back 😉

You get the whole package (mini session in A.C.; printouts; one-hour follow up video session; and free post-session paperwork review)…

for just $99.

I don’t have actual statistics or proof to back up this claim, but I don’t think it’s a stretch in any way to say you won’t find this national-caliber, all-encompassing pageant prep for $99. In fact, many coaches cost hundreds or thousands for this kind of condensed, intense session!

And the best part is that these sessions are not limited to Miss America contestants only: the sessions are tailored to ANY pageant system and ANY need you have that’s listed above.

BUT HURRY! TIME’S RUNNING OUT! I swear this isn’t an infomercial, lol. Seriously though, we are just a couple week away from Miss America, so if you want to jump on this opportunity, you have to act fast – time is running out and availability is already limited. I have to allow some time to prepare, travel, and get my ducks in a row for the sesssions, so…

Mini Session sign-up closes on SEPTEMBER 3.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned through my time as a contestant and now as a coach, it’s that you’ll never regret investing your time and money into something that lasts well beyond the stage and into the rest of your life. And that’s not something an infomercial salesperson could sell you. Invest in you, and you’ll never be sorry. So if you are ready to get serious and Make Your Mark in the pageant world, get started now.

It’s super easy: click on this link, choose your time, customize your session, and get your behind to Atlantic City by September 8!

I hope to see some friendly faces in Atlantic City, but for those who can’t make it, I hope you will tune in for all the MYM updates on Facebook, Twitter, and right here on the blog.

Click here to get stared with your Miss America Mini Session. The countdown is ON!


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