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On The Way To 21k!

It’s a big goal. It’s a stretch. But it’s sooooo close.

I bet you thought I was talking about $21,000. Right?!

Sorry for the bait and switch, but I bet it totally worked. Because 21k of anything is a lot.

Dollars? Yep.


Pieces of a puzzle? Even this puzzle geek wouldn’t touch that.


Diamonds? um, yeah.


Or shoot, have you ever tried TWENTY ONE burpees?! ….well, just give that a try real quick and see how it goes, k?workout_meme_burpees

But I’m not talking about any of those today.

The 21k I’m talking about is 13.1 miles. Or in runner’s terms: a half-marathon.

I finished one in 2010, and don’t really remember running since. Like, at all. But let’s back up.

I am NOT a runner. Like, sure, I did track in high school, but I think I ran two meets ever, was cursed with running the 400m, and got last. Otherwise, I did it for the social aspect, to stay in shape, and to basically coach my friends who were good runners (or jumpers, right Kels?!).

So when I decided suddenly in 2010 that I was going to do this thing, I started training early since I’d never run more than a couple miles at a time. I used a slow and steady method to train. In all reality, I actually OVER prepared. I smashed my anticipated finish time so much so that Joel missed me cross the finish line. Oops.

But this time is different.

  • I’m seven years older.
  • I was incredibly out of shape when I started, and am still not in great shape.
  • I’m much slower now, and about 15 non-muscle pounds heavier than I was then.
  • I’ve had two more babies since last time.
  • I only (finally) made up my mind to start training in JULY.
  • I thought I broke my toe, which derailed me in August.
  • I’m battling some kind of knee and hip injury from my 11-mile run and some intense neck pain from staining the deck this week.

In short, my body is falling apart a few days before the race. Sweet.

Have you ever felt like this when you are getting ready for a competition? It’s so much better and more enjoyable to know you did everything you could to prepare and do your best. It feels like, “You know what, I did everything I could, and the chips will fall where they fall. I can’t do anything else.”

But when you don’t fully prepare, it’s more like, “Dear Lord, I hope I can wing this thing and fake it till I make it!”

At the end of the day, all I have is what I’ve put into it. I didn’t invest in training clothes or gym memberships, I didn’t commit to enough running time or guard against injury, and I didn’t properly invest in myself.

All I can do is try – give it what I have, hang on through the finish line, and do better next time.

So learn a lesson from me – start early. Invest wisely. Make sure the whole package is ready. Don’t ignore your weaknesses, thinking you can overcompensate with your strengths. Basically, in the words of Scar:


Oh, and say a little prayer for me this Sunday around 8:00am, would ya? Mmmkay, thanks 😉


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