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“Share The Love” Referral Program

We are so humbled and grateful for all of the support, recommendations, shout-outs, and referrals that have been flying around lately. Truly, #teamMYM and our supporters are the best! But now it’s time for us to return the love and reward YOU for all of your loyalty.20190209_150947_0001Beginning FEBRUARY 14, 2019, you can earn gift cards, hourly sessions, or pageant donations simply for recommending us to new clients!

The steps to join the MYM Share the Love Referral Program are EASY!

  1. Refer a client to MYM.
  2. Referred client spends $150 or more with MYM.
  3. You receive a reward.
  4. REPEAT. 🙂

CLIENTS, PARENTS, SUPPORTER REWARDS: Once an eligible referral transaction has been completed and paid, you may choose between a $25 Target gift card, a $25 sponsorship for your pageant entry fee, OR a free one-hour session.

DIRECTOR REWARDS: If you are a pageant director of any kind, you will claim a reward in the form of a $25 donation to your pageant’s scholarship or award package. ** MAO director rewards TBD **

The best part? There’s no limit to how many gift cards, free sessions, or donations you acquire. So keep up the great work, friends, and get out there starting Valentine’s Day and “Share the Love” – we can’t wait for you to earn a thank you in return! 

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