Why are your services so inexpensive compared to others in the industry? My reason is quite simple: I don’t believe it should cost an arm and a leg to invest in the proper assistance to excel at any level. Expensive does not mean better; inexpensive does not mean inferior or lackluster. I work to price my services competitively and fairly, and firmly believe you won’t find more well-rounded, comprehensive pageant prep services. Whether you go for the whole she-bang or purchase one service, all MYM clients receive the same time and attention to detail.

Is there a discount for purchasing multiple services? Not at this time. Rates are non-negotiable and subject to change. But you are always guaranteed to receive individualized attention unique to your preparation style.

Where are you located, and do you travel? I live in West Des Moines, Iowa. I am active in my community and have three small children at home, so my travel abilities are limited. I prefer my clients come to the Des Moines area for services requiring face-to-face interaction. Many services can easily be accomplished through email, Skype, or other means of communication.

Why don’t you make available services for choreography or modeling? When you purchase a service with Make Your Mark, you can be assured you are investing in the best I have to offer. While I have choreographed dances and assisted with modeling, I will not offer them exclusively as paid services due to my limited experience and lacking expertise in those areas. I will only charge for services where I have a lot of previous experience and success, and in which I consider myself an expert.  ** Talent development or vocal lessons may include general staging and choreography ideas and suggestions. **

Do you have any success stories? Why yes, many in fact! Check out this page for detailed testimonials.