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Former Feature Friday: Diana Reed, pt 2

Welcome to Former Feature Friday! It’s time for Part Two with Miss Iowa 2007, and her thoughts on being Miss Iowa might surprise you 🙂

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Conquering the F Words (part 2)

So you already know all about the F words we are talking about today. They stop so many of us from trying, doing, being our best. The areas we see them creep into our lives are in the form of perfectionism, insecurity, and comparison. Since we identified those strongholds that prevent us from moving forward, we are going to tackle the task of Conquering the F Words today!

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Will You Accept This Rose?

The Bachelor and Miss America – more closely related than you think. And it has nothing to do with Chris Harrison.

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Former Feature Friday: Diana Reed, pt 1

Welcome to the inaugural Former Feature Friday! She certainly left her mark at Miss America, and I couldn’t think of anyone better to kick things off!


One Year Anniversary + MYM Goals

Holy buckets that year went fast! Come check out reflections from our first year and goals for the upcoming year!

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MISS USA Recap + What They Got Right (and horribly wrong)

Kára McCullough was crowned Miss USA 2017 during a 3-hour telecast that was largely uneventful and free of scandal (a rarity it seems in today’s pageant scene!) No one fell. No one flubbed her answer. No one crowned the wrong girl or messed up names. But there’s still plenty to talk about – namely what Miss USA is doing right, and wrong, in one of the nation’s most prestigious and well-loved pageant systems.

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Conquering the F Words

What advice would I give to an 18-year-old? Conquer the F Words!