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What’s the best part about MYM heading to Miss America? Space is limited, so you better read on to find out… 😉

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Conquering the F Words (part 2)

So you already know all about the F words we are talking about today. They stop so many of us from trying, doing, being our best. The areas we see them creep into our lives are in the form of perfectionism, insecurity, and comparison. Since we identified those strongholds that prevent us from moving forward, we are going to tackle the task of Conquering the F Words today!


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Conquering the F Words

What advice would I give to an 18-year-old? Conquer the F Words!

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Women’s Marches: Who Do We Think We Are?

Marching against inequality is all the rage. But is our rage hypocritical?

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Press On Toward The Prize

Have you ever wondered after a disappointment, “Why should I keep doing this?!” Ever come up short of reaching a goal? Today you are reminded that if it is your purpose, you can and should Press On!


To Whom Much Is Gifted

I’m not gonna lie, post-Miss America, I needed a bit of a break! Between school for my kids, being sick in September, local pageants getting into full swing, Miss America week, and the general busyness of September, I was ready for a slow down! As Daniel Tiger (it’s a kid’s show on PBS) would say: “That…… Continue reading To Whom Much Is Gifted

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Purpose. Whew, what a loaded word! I have struggled with that my entire life. At times, feeling like I hadn’t found it or missed it somewhere…but then a truth popped up when I was trying to find a meaning for this whole thing I am doing. Purpose can be found in anything you identify and pursue.…… Continue reading Purpose

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Invest In You

2016 is the year of investing in myself. As a self-proclaimed financial tightwad, I definitely err on the side of saving instead of spending. Most times that is a good thing! But my husband and I decided this is the year to invest in ourselves. When our third child was born, one thing I couldn’t…… Continue reading Invest In You