MYM Professionals

Resume Workshop: $150

Add Cover Letter: $30

In the professional workforce, your cover letter is what attracts a prospective employer to even look at your resume, while your resume is the footprint of what you have to offer a company or organization. Without a solid foundation, the rest of the job search process is fruitless. In this one-on-one resume workshop, we explore your unique skillset and attributes together, after which you will receive a completed, professionally-crafted resume that will ensure you Make Your Mark with prospective employers!


Personal Branding Course: COMING SOON

What makes you, YOU? Does it match up with what other people think of you? Align the two perceptions for a personal brand that is undeniable, memorable, and noticed.

Interview Coaching: $50/hour

Three One-Hour Session Package: $125

The interview process is often times the place where a potential employer makes the choice if he or she can see you fitting into the existing company or organization. Your interview needs to be professional, but even more importantly, needs to be authentically and memorably ‘you.’ These individual interview sessions allow you to practice your skills, gain invaluable insight into your strengths and weaknesses, and gives you the confidence to walk into any professional situation and know exactly how to present your best self.