I vividly remember sitting at home with my sister and mom, glued to the TV to watch Miss America, Miss USA, or any other pageant viewable on network television. I would get out my paper and write my predictions based on my limited knowledge of what I thought would make a great national titleholder. (Anyone else remember the isolation booth?!) I remember watching those young women, thinking how amazing they were and how I’d love to be just like them – but with my buck teeth, afro-frizz hairstyle, and shy demeanor, it just wasn’t a reality. Little did I know how close I would come to not only standing on one of those national stages, but how integral a part of my life and career pageants would become!

Personal Pageant Experience

  • Four-time local titleholder in the Miss America Organization
  • Four-time runner-up at state level in the Miss America Organization
  • State-level interview, talent, and academic winner in the Miss America Organization
  • America’s Junior Miss state level participant

I graduated, married, and began a career using my B.A. in communications as well as my minors in marketing and music to hold various marketing jobs and teach vocal lessons on the side. I was good at what I did: but I didn’t love it.

As a mom to three young kids, I slowly became more involved in the volunteer side of pageantry. From judging to producing to directing to prepping, I found a new hobby that I loved, and for which my set of experiences, knowledge, and skill set are uniquely suited. For three years, I loved being director of the Miss Metro pageant, part of the Miss America Organization.

Success in Three Years

  • Miss America 2nd Runner Up
  • Miss Iowa
  • Miss Colorado
  • Five Top Five state-level finishers
  • Miss Iowa’s Outstanding Teen
  • Four top five MAOT state-level finishers
  • State non-finalist interview winner
  • State talent winners, fitness winners, etc.
  • Countless other successes that cannot be measured by awards!

Some might think I’m crazy to walk away from my position as a local director while the steam was really rolling. But stronger than my desire to “keep my record going” is my will to pour into the lives of any young woman looking for guidance and a way to get involved in her community. Now, I apply the same dedication and drive to young women across the country in several pageant systems.

When I began to really identify the ways God has gifted me as an individual, the common thread always led back to this: Mentoring young women to discover who they are and what they stand for while using pageantry as a platform for purpose, passion, performance, and poise – all with the goal of making a unique and positive mark in the world. Where the world’s deepest need and your greatest passions lie, there is your purpose. The world’s needs are deep: Let’s find your purpose in pageantry together. I’m committed to journeying through this together…




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